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UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown Pushes His Pen Through the Heart of Democracy & Economic Freedom

Today Gordon Brown Signs the EU Treaty - Britain Joins the EU Superstate

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December 13, 2007

Today, out of sight of the cameras Gordon Brown will break a manifesto promise made by his party. A promise that facilitated Labours victory in the last General Election. Gordon does not want to be photographed signing the EU Treaty, which for all intents and purposes IS the same EU Constitution that was rejected by the people of France and Holland in 2005. If Gordon Brown is so sure that this Treaty will be beneficial for Britain, then he should have no problem being photographed signing it. His claims that he can't make the signing due to being double booked are just pathetic - the Commons liaison committee have said they don't mind re-appointing the hearing he is to attend instead.

Why am I so opposed to Britain signing the EU Treaty? Well first an foremost is the fact that we were promised a referendum. Gordon Brown has stated that we don't need a referendum because this Treaty is not the same as the rejected Constitution. Well I'm afraid that is simply not true. In a leaked letter penned by German Chancellor to the other EU heads, Angela said that wanted to push through a Treaty. To achieve this Merkel tells her fellow EU heads of government that they will have to: "use different terminology without changing the legal substance".

There can be no doubt that the proposed Treaty is the same Constitution we were not given a Referendum on. Merkel makes this crystal clear when she wishes to preserve intact the content of the constitution, making only "the necessary presentational changes."

"The fundamentals of the Constitution have been maintained," says Angela Merkel."The great part of the European Constitution is in the new treaty," agrees José Luis Zapatero. "Thankfully they haven’t changed the substance; 90 per cent of it is still there," echoes Bertie Ahern.

I say: If a Beefburger only contains 90% Beef, it is still a bloody Beefburger.

William Hague pointed out the following facts to show the public why this EU Treaty is the same as the EU Constitution we were promised a referendum on:

. 240 of the 250 provisions are exactly the same.
. The creation of permanent President of the European Council.. The appointment of an EU foreign minister in all but name.
. The abolition of 60 of our national vetoes.. For the first time, provision for the abolition of almost every remaining veto without any further treaty negotiation or proper ratification by parliament.

The following is taken from the European Scrutiny Committee's conclusions:

"We wish to emphasise that the proposals in the Reform Treaty raise a serious difficulty of a constitutional order in as much as they appear to impose, whether by accident or design, a legal duty on national parliaments "to contribute actively to the good functioning of the Union" by taking part in various described activities. National parliaments, unlike the European Parliament, are not creations of the Treaties and their rights are not dependent on them. In our view, the imposition of such a legal duty on the Parliament of this country is objectionable as a matter of principle and must be resisted." Committee member James Clappison told David Miliband that: "The red lines are in tatters - somewhere along the line someone has been, quite frankly, asleep at the wheel."

Today a man who has not been elected to the position of Prime Minister will sign a Treaty that the people of Britain do not want. He will skulk away from the cameras, and in some shady Portuguese corner he will put his traitorous mark upon a document that will steal Britain's sovereignty.

There is only one reason that Gordon Brown does not want us to have a referendum:WE WILL VOTE NO. When Gordon Brown signs that Treaty today, he will be pushing his pen through the heart of democracy.

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